Un socio del CDTI di Roma mi segnala questa opportunità per una startup in California.
Lo stipendio è di 250.000$ più stock option
– Deep experience in developing mobile and embedded software on multiple platforms
– Deep experience in API design and architecture
– Strong grasp of virtualization concepts, technologies, and implementations; this means you probably worked with kernel & driver development.
– A HUGE plus: Experienced in the development internals in any of the major virtualization technologies (bochs, lguest, virtual box, qemu, SPIM, Xen, …etc)
– Must be fluent in multi-threaded development, with mastery level of using POSIX pthread API, socket programming ..etc.
– Must be of 10+ experience coding in C/C++, git, repo, Java
– Fluent in *NIX development at an OS level.
– Familiar with Android SDK JNI-NDK,as well as the different runtime patterns & packaging
– Bonus: developed and shipped professional grade SDKs
Personal Traits
• Takes technical challenges head-on
• Self-driven, likes to learn and be challenged
• Self-starter, self-motivated and able to work independently
• Performs with excellence as a team member or a team leader
Chi è interessato può mandarmi un CV in inglese a musumeci@cdti.org

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